Smart Products

Below are a few examples of the products we can setup in your Western Washington home.

Keyless Entry- biometric and/or code

Coming home with your hands full? Left without a key? Tired of digging for key? Struggle inserting key in the dark? Need to let a nanny or dog walker in when you aren't home?

You can unlock your dead bolt with just a press of your fingertip and/or code you choose on the door or on your device. Code is easy to change as often as you like. Options available installed starting at $300.

Wi-Fi Camera Installation

We can install one or more cameras to monitor any area of your property from anywhere you can login to the internet. 2-way communication through camera and audio available. Great for monitoring loved ones in your care when you can't be in the same room.

We will install cameras that you have already purchased or help you select the right cameras for your household. Indoor/ outdoor cameras with motion detection available starting at $150 installed.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

Control your heat or central air from bed, work, vacation, anywhere you have an internet connection. Monitor the temperature of your home from your device. Wi-Fi thermostats installed with user education starting at $150.

PSE $75 rebates available through 12/21/22 for qualified energy smart thermostats. For more information please contact Puget Sound Energy.

Smart Air Quality Monitor

We can setup an air quality monitor in your home and connect it to your Wi-Fi. Ability to enable other items you may need such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and fans to turn on and off when the indoor air quality changes.

voice-controlled virtual assistants

Virtual Assistant Setup

What would you like to control with your voice or a tap of an app? We can setup lights, appliances, cameras, speakers, tv and more. We can show you how to create an automated schedule for your lights and more any day of the week following your daily routine. Automatically turn connected items on and off, such as lamps, to make it appear as if you’re home when you’re actually away.

Soundbars for TV

Would you like to hear your TV better? Great for those who are hearing impaired and anyone who loves full sound when they watch movies and shows. We can help you select and install a soundbar(s) that helps clarify speech of actors and actresses, elevate vocals and pronunciations and improve overall TV audio.